Traditional and Systems Based

A strategic plan in general, more particularly one based on a "systems" approach provides the best chance for your business to succeed.  Done well it brings the organization together adds focus and a greater sense of team.

We offer standard Strategic Planning, but more uniquely we have developed a planning process based on systems mapping and carry that through to implementation.

If you are not doing any formal Strategic Planning, or find it is just not as effective as you had hoped, please touch base. We have a no nonsense approach to everything we do and we can quickly determine together if there is a good fit between us.

We offer a broad range of engagements; they can be as little as a one or two days.


Our practice is focused and more  cost effective as you work directly with principals.  We have decades of business and leadership  experience as well as strong management, academic and consulting  backgrounds.

training future leaders

Business Simulations not Marshmallows is the key

The difference in our training is the use of  Business Simulation (software). This software simulates real business activities. With it the participants really understand profit, margin, production/operations and finance. As the foundation activity  it provides a much more comprehensive and relevant experience.


The use of a Business Simulation drives home both the necessary part of team training , but does so while your people interact in a business setting.

Further if they are not well versed in how the parts of the business interconnect - our training adds to their understanding of how Sales/Marketing is connected to R&D, and how  Operations and Finance are necessary to run a successful business.


This training focuses on developing an understanding of Strategy along with a comprehensive understanding of how the key business functions interact.

We use one of the Capsim  ( simulations to build an understanding of the key elements of the major business functions as   as step to understanding and applying strategy.



Strategic Planning & Training of Future Leaders