Strategic and Critical Thinking Skills for planning & future organizational leaders.

Teaching, Development, Consulting

Strategic Thinking, and the Development of Future Leaders.

We can improve your Strategic Planning process or help you start. Our approach to planning makes it easier, faster more comprehensive and provides better implementation. Additionally, we offer educational and development solutions for your Future Leaders in the areas of: Team Building, “Whole” Business Understanding, Management Process/Leadership, Marketing Management and New Product Development. Our programs and approach are practical in nature and based on extensive business leadership experience and academic training. We realize that some clients are more comfortable with preformatted offerings, and we can provide those - we would prefer to discuss your needs and develop the approach together.

Strategic Thinking/Planning

Our Strategic Thinking and Planning is systemic in nature providing you both an easier way to meet your future, one that is more comprehensive and that builds a sense of team for more effective implementations. It can also provide the tools to guide the business, and reduce the feeling of being behind.

Developing Critical Thinking Skills in your Future Leaders

We offer programs to enhance the skills and proficiency of those you count on to grow the business. We focus on Business Fundamentals, Teamwork, Project Management, New Product Development, Marketing Management and Sales. Working with associates we also work in the area of Leadership, Conflict Management, as well as Operational excellence.

Where appropriate we utilize business simulation tools by the folks at Capsim. Simulations provide a great foundation to develop your peoples skills in a realistic environment where they can learn - they can practice these skills, not practice in the business.

Give a call - let's talk about these programs, most importantly let's talk about what your team needs to perform more effectively. 203.640.0268  or


Our practice is focused and more  cost effective as you work directly with principals.  We have decades of business and leadership  experience as well as strong management, academic and consulting  backgrounds.



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