Strategic and Critical Thinking Skills for planning & future organizational leaders.

Real people, experience and expertise

Our backgrounds provides a practical and valuable engagement; whether it be from a strategic planning, leadership or development of a wide range of skills for your future leaders.

ClearThink Company is a combination of university professors and consultants that in addition to their teaching/consulting have been professionally active in outside careers.



Craig has almost 20 years of teaching (125+ courses (MBA/Undergraduate), as well as 25 years of senior leadership/management business experience.

Experience runs from sales & sales management to marketing management and 25 years of senior management experience at the VP and Business Leadership level.

From a teaching perspective Craig is both a Certified Online Instructor as well as earning Certification from the ACUE  (Association of  College and University Educators). In his  professional career he has provided and overseen the training function numerous times.

Academically the courses Craig teaches encompass  a broad range: Strategy (with Business Simulation), Entrepreneurship, Management, Organizational Behavior,  Diversity and Multicultural Issues, HR as well as Marketing, New Product Development and Product Management.



The team covers many of the same areas of expertise and adds additional expertise in Leadership, Strategy, Organizational Development, Negotiations, Conflict  Management, Operational Excellence.


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