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Strategic Thinking and Action

Strategic Thinking focuses on where the business is as well as competitive and other forces. Using Systems Mapping, we can quickly and effectively find the "leverage" points, align the team and generate the right level of strategic response. Each situation requires a slightly different approach, the goal is to get this done so that focused  energy can be put into the business.


Systems Mapping

Is the mapping of how the business pieces fit together. It takes shape as a graphic, but additional information is overlaid as the process develops.
(To see a quick discussion of the Systems Mapping see the video below:

You can also view an interactive Systems Map here (it is best to view the discussion above first).


The Advantages

• Building the plan brings the team together, it also let's each function understand not only what needs to be done in their area, but how their area impacts others.

• The process brings the team together, and implementation improves.



One of the reasons agreement is difficult is the Strategic Planning process usually starts without Systems Mapping. The missing first step is having everyone come to a common understanding of how the market and organization work and identify the key drivers.

Individually we each have a mental image or model of the business and how it fits into the competitive world around us. Those mental models are in our heads, when we talk to colleagues we talk around them (the models), we don't ever really compare them. Systems Mapping solves this.

At the senior level we feel and rightly so, that we know how it works, and what needs doing. The challenge is each of our colleagues feels the same way. However, there is a good chance our models are not the same. This differing sets of mental models is what drives most of the difficulty when getting a senior team together. We disagree with each other, not really about a specific point, but because from the beginning we never had the same vision of how it works, and the key drivers of the business.

Our process solves this problem and makes planning faster in the end, and more effective.


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