Review the situation, make the decisions and DONE!

Work-Outs are designed to make decisions and push the business forward.


Work-Outs and Workshops are related. The Work-Outs are designed to "jump" into action get something accomplished, there is no "lecture" just working with the group to get the task accomplished.


Work-Outs can be done a number of ways. Usually the time is short, the effort is highly concentrated. The goal is to push past traditional bureaucratic structures (some might say "nonsense") and move the business forward!

As an outside resource we can help the process by bringing a knowledgeable perspective.


We understand what it takes to make a business go, and go fast with limited resources.

We understand strategy, sales, marketing, new product development and the financial requirements of keeping the business funded.


Consider the benefits:

  • Structure the work-out so everyone is prepared
  • Develop the outline of tasks and information needed to make the decisions
  • Keep the team focused on the goal and on track during the work-out
  • Work-outs have traditionally be seen as high energy events, we can do those. But, they can be equally effective when done in a calm logical way. It is easiest to be effective when the structure is in place, materials are ready and with good outside leadership.
  • Talk with us about either our WorkShops or Work-Outs and the type and style that fits you best. We can do simple versions of just one or two days, to more extended efforts - you decide.

We have experience in total business management, sales, marketing, new product development, and a good understanding of operations.



  • Strategic review
  • Sales
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing
  • Product Launch
  • Product Development
  • National Sales Meeting

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